How Many Of These Are You Guilty Of? 

We all want to age gracefully and look amazing as time goes by. Unfortunately, most of all hold habits that are hurting our skin on a daily basis without us realizing it. Follow our advice to avoid these steps below and you will look radiant at any age.

1.- Using Your Smartphone All The Time: Believe it or not, smartphones are the ones to blame when it comes to a lot of imperfections and damage in our skin. The reason is that our phones are constantly bombarded by several bacterias (I mean we even take them to the bathroom with us) that end up directly on our faces. This might be another reason why we have breakouts and imperfections. Additionally, using your phone outdoors causes the light to reflect on the screen, which ends up reflecting on your face. This UV light amplifies the sun effect, thus contributing to sun spots and wrinkles.

2.-You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup: We all love looking good and polished, however, your make up practices can be damaging your skin way more than you can possibly imagine. According to Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD “Your skin requires constant communication from the outside environment to do its job properly. Wearing heavy makeup interferes with normal cell-cycle function and slows skin’s ability to renew itself, all contributing to skin aging.”  Our advice is to wear light foundations, loose powders (especially mineral formulas) and let your skin breathe properly during the weekends by wearing no makeup.

3.-  Having Too Many Iced Coffees:  Who doesn’t love a cold caffeine kick during the morning or evening? Probably your skin. Besides the fact that caffeine dehydrates your skin, the excessive amount of sugar present in most blended beverages are responsible for breakouts and fine lines. According to recent studies, sugar damages skin fibers, which causes your skin to age faster in addition to making it prone to acne, puffiness, redness, etc. We understand that you rely on coffee to survive so the solution can be to order a simple cold coffee (no caramel, mocha, vanilla, or other flavored options) with a little Splenda. Note: limit your intake to 3 cups a day to avoid dehydrating your body and affecting your skin.

4.- Skipping Meals: Avoiding meals is certainly a terrible idea on so many levels.  First, it causes your body to enter into a starvation mood, which slows down your metabolism, burning fewer calories, and ending up in weight gain. Secondly, it causes your skin to dry faster, and end ups in premature aging. The solution; pack healthy snacks to munch on when you are hungry. Almonds, apple slices, or even an orange (which additionally is packed with vitamin C that brightens your skin) can make the whole difference in your skin, mood, performance, and overall health.

5.- You Reserve Sunscreen To The Beach: Did you know that up to 90% of your skin aging comes directly by UV sun damage? Unfortunately, not wearing sunscreen on a daily bases can be greatly damaging your skin. Even if we work indoors or do not have “much” sun exposure the prolonged time in front of a screen can also be responsible for the damage. Believe or not, most televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets emit other types of light that some studies show can be harmful to your skin with prolonged exposure. The answer, protect your skin by wearing a dermatological, non-comedogenic, oil-free formula adequate for your skin type. Remember to take the product down to your neck and chest to prevent them from aging as well.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, all efforts are worth it. Follow our tips and your skin will be looking radiant and young for decades.

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Michelle Ibarra

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