Everybody is looking for happiness. However, it is something that you don’t need to look for. As the famous saying goes, “Happiness is a state of mind”. And you can achieve this state of mind by taking small actions daily. Whether it is about having mental peace, or pursuing your dreams, or just having daily contentment, happiness needs daily habits to be achieved. 
The following daily habits will help you change your mindset and will allow you to feel happier on a daily basis. 

1.- Smile: Smiling has a greater effect on our mood than we realize. According to different studies smiling sends a neural message to our brain of happiness and joy. Therefore, a smile can release dopamine and serotonin; the ultimate mood booster neurotransmitters.

2.- Sleep: Proper sleep has a powerful impact on our emotions and wellbeing. Studies from Harvard University proved that lack of sleep increases anxiety, agitation, and ultimately stress. So go to bed earlier, even when you are not sleepy yet, and turn off all devices to facilitate falling asleep.

3.-Be Grateful: Gratefulness changes your focus from what you don’t have to what you actually do have. It is an excellent way to uplift your mood. A powerful way to implement this technique is by acknowledging specific things we are grateful for at the end of the day. It might sound like a silly thing, but it’s a powerful tool to change our perspectives and improve our mood.

4.-Give a Compliment:  It’s been scientifically proven that acts of kindness make us feel happier. Make somebody’s day by giving a sincere compliment. You will see that not only you will feel better but they will too.

5.- See Friends: We, as humans are social in nature, and even though we get in touch with people on a daily basis, we need to connect with people we love. Taking the time to meet with your friends can be highly beneficial for your mood and health. If they are far away, try to connect via video call. Knowing that you are loved will surely lift your mood.

6.- Get Outside: Go for a walk, visit a park, or get some sunlight. Being in touch with nature has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve our moods. Even a little 30-minute walk on a green space a week can represent a significant improvement in your blood pressure and a reduction in depression. So for your health, get out. 

7.- Ditch Your Phone(For Reals):  Unplugging from your phone and all it represents (Social media, emails, WhatsApp, etc.) can work wonders for your mind and emotional health. Take at least a day off from it and enjoy your present. Use that time to meditate, journaling, relaxing, etc. Your internal peace will thank you!

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Michelle Ibarra

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