Covid-19 has set the globe under quarantine. Although most people can continue to work online, staying at home 24/7 can be stressful. However, Netflix is not the only choice to stay entertained during this quarantine.

Today, we want to share with you 50 indoor activities to have fun while staying safe at home. Ready, go!


  1. Complete a puzzle.
  2. Call a loved one.
  3. Fix your wardrobe.
  4. Meditate/pray.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Visit a museum online.
  7. Build a fort in your living room (yes, even if you are over 21).
  8. Do a home spa (get a face mask, Pedi, and a hair mask).
  9. Cook something.
  10. Write a bucket list.
  11. Draw.
  12. Play an old album.
  13. Watch an independent movie ( if possible in another language).
  14. Knit.
  15. Try a workout at home from YouTube.
  16. Take a bubble bath.
  17. Drink a glass of wine.
  18. Attempt to do some art on your latte.
  19. Try to reproduce something from Pinterest, if you fail miserably, try again.
  20. Write a letter to a loved one.
  21. Make positive affirmations lists.
  22. Clean up your cabinets.
  23. Fix your garden.
  24. Water the plants.
  25. Watch a cooking show.
  26. Interview your parents over the phone.
  27. Take a new profile picture.
  28. Delete unnecessary pictures from your phone.
  29. Make a grateful list.
  30. Work on your financial planning.
  31. Make attainable short term goals to reach 1 of your dreams.
  32. Perfect one of your mother’s recipes.
  33. If you dare, clean your garage.
  34. Give your pets a bath.
  35. Wash your curtains, bed sheets, bed covers.
  36. Make coffee, but this time study how many beans you use, which types, how hot the water is, how long it brews and whether any of that makes a difference.
  37. Order food to support local businesses.
  38. Buy a gift card.
  39. Play scrabble with your family. 
  40. If bored of your look, dye your hair.
  41. Do your taxes.
  42. Rearrange your living room or your bedroom.
  43. Learn new dance moves on YouTube.
  44. Learn origami.
  45. Learn a new language, or at least the basics.
  46. Donate money to a food bank, or somebody in need.
  47. Take a nap.
  48. Dance thriller.
  49. Cut your hair.
  50. Clean that spot on your carpet.


Remember that your mental health is equally important as your physical health. Take time to meditate and stay relaxed.

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Michelle Ibarra

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