You might have heard that you are what you eat. Everything in our body is constantly telling us how our food is affecting us. Our stomach hurts when we eat something we are not supposed to, we develop allergies, moreover, our skin speaks more than we know.

Things like breakouts, rashes, swelling, and even fine wrinkles appear when we eat something that our body can not process properly. The question is, how do I know which particular food is causing damage to my skin?
Keep reading and find out which most popular food is affecting it and how…

Identifing Your Face Type

According to famous naturopathic Dr. Nigma Talib, ND, the main ingredients that are causing damage to your skin can be reduced to sugar, wine, dairy, and alcohol. Each one of those food groups damages your skin in a particular way. Identify which is your face type and cut down the source of it.

1.-Sugar Face: Eating way to much sugar can make your collagen fibers tight and rigid (due to increased insulin levels), thus creating a pasty appearance. Sugar also damages your gut flora, making you a target for breakouts on chest, shoulders, and face (especially on the chin area).

  • What To Do About It: Since sugar is technically present in almost everything that we eat, improvement is seen even if you only cut your sugar intake by half. Look for sugar-free options on bread, ask for stevia instead of sugar in your coffee, and look for natural choices when it comes to juices and sweet drinks.

2.- Dairy Face: Even if you don’t consider yourself as a lactose intolerant, dairy can be the source of damage on your skin. When you lack good bacteria on you gut track, it causes your body to have a hard time digesting milk and dairy, triggering your immune system, which produces inflammatory responses that will show up on your skin. If you have redness, puffy eyes, under eye bags, and even dark spots, dairy can be the one to blame.

  • What To Do About It: Reduce your milk intake by switching to vegan alternatives such as almond, soy or coconut. You can even do your own banana milk by blending 2 bananas, 3 dates, and some vanilla extract with water. The result is delicious and goes well with smoothies and frozen bowls.

3.- Gluten Face: The protein present on pasta, bread, and all white flowers is responsible for triggering the inflammatory response on your body, and mainly on your face. If you notice inflammation and swollen skin, gluten is the one to blame. If you notice an itchy rash that is also present on the back of your arms it might be another indicator that your body is not processing sugar properly.

  • What To Do About It: Drinking more water, increasing your fiber intake, and cutting off gluten are keys to seeing improvements on your face and overall body. If you also experience stomach issues after consuming pasta/bread it might be an indicator of celiac disease.

4.- Wine Face: Aging is one of the characteristics of wine damage on the face skin. High sugar content present in most wines, is the one in charge of affecting your collagen fibers, thus causing droopy eyelids and enlarged pores. The worst part of it is the fact that it promotes skin sagging, wrinkles and generally an older appearance.

  • What to do about it: Dr. Nigma recommends taking a 3-week break from all alcohol to detox your skin and improve its appearance. After the 3rd week, and 80/20 approach can be taken, where you avoid alcohol 80% of the time and drink it with moderation on the other 20%.

In all cases, Dr. Nigma recommends at least a 3 week period of abstinence to start seeing positive results. Remember, including good habits as increasing your water intake, eating more veggies, and fiber are also key to seeing positive results.

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