In the mids of obsessively eating raw, plant-based, organics, keto, paleo, etc. a new trend is rising up; intuitive eating.

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is a new food/eating trend that goes contrary to all restrictions and macros. Intuitive eating stands for believing that your body is wise in nature and that it intuitively knows what is best for it and in which amounts. 
It is based on the idea that food obsession and caloric restriction can be the cause of a toxic relationship between food and people, it embraces the fact that food is supposed to be delightful and ceremonial, instead of torturous and mathematic.
By this point we are sure that you want to know more about it, right? Keep reading and find out how to implement this incredible model!

How To Practice Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eaters believe that all “guilt” that involves eating savory meals should be ditched. This does not support binging or stuffing yourself with cake, but it stands on the balanced side of things where you can make small changes to meals to make them healthier while still enjoy them.

1.- Ditch The Diet Mentality: Get rid of all thinking that some foods are evil and others are healthy. Food is good and deserves to be enjoyed. With this, we do not mean that you can only eat burgers and fries and stay healthy, but we refer to the fact that you can enjoy what you like without feeling guilty. If you feel like eating ice cream have it, but instead of ordering a huge portion ask for a single scoop. Remember food is to be enjoyed!

2.- Respect Hunger: Many times we feel restricted and even though we are hungry we don’t eat because we believe that it is going to make us gain weight. Listening to your body is key to having a healthy life, so eat when you are hungry. Learn to identify the difference between hunger and craving and feed yourself with some balance snack. Tip: An easy way to differentiate hunger from craving is the fact that cravings are specific and selective, while hunger just wants to be met regardless of the meal.

3.-Feast: Have you found yourself lately eating in the car while driving to get to work? Or worst, eating on your desk in front of an excel spreadsheet? Although our rush lives many times require us to save time and multi-task, eating is an activity that deserves to be celebrated. According to recent studies, people tend to eat less and feel more satisfied when it is done in a ceremonious way. Take your time and stop eating in front of your laptop, instead sit and enjoy consciously every bite and feel the taste. Taking your time will also allow your digestive system to recognize when it is full, making you eat less and feel less bloated.

4.- Never Binge: Stopping the diet mentality goes along with eradicating the binging habit. Many times, when you have a diet mentality, you have a tendency to binge on sinful foods because you will not eat them again once you go back to your diet. This kind of habit will only result in guilt and therefore some sort of a vicious cycle. Being mindful about the things that we eat will enable us to truly enjoy what we like, without the need to stuff ourselves. Remember, stopping when you are satisfied is the key to a balanced life.

5.- Balance: Intuitive eating stands for eating what you like without feeling guilty about it. So if you feel like having a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast have it, but take it into consideration in your next meal and choose wisely. Keep in mind that you can eat all the things that you like but not all at the same time.

Eating healthy and taking care of your body requires practice, however, it is possible to achieve a healthy food mentality while indulging in your favorite meals.  Keep in mind that food is supposed to make us feel good, so get rid of all guilt mentality and start enjoying your favorite meals with balance and wisdom. Remember, life is a journey that deserves to be celebrated each day!

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