Good gut bacteria is key for your intestinal and overall health. Everything from your mood, metabolism, weight, and even your immune system is directly affected by it and it is responsible for keeping harmful microorganisms in check.

We all know that consuming probiotics is important to keep our guts in track, however, it turns out that they are not enough to ensure the overall health of our guts, and this is where prebiotics play a big role. 

Today,  we will analyze their importance, sources, and overall benefits for your health.

What Are Prebiotics? 

Your gut is made out of both good and bad bacteria. The main function of prebiotics is to help eliminate the bad bacteria while feeding the good one.  Prebiotics pass through your small intestine undigested, then ferment in your large intestine to make helpful compounds and feed the good guys. 

The main difference between probiotics and prebiotics is the fact that many probiotics can be destroyed while passing the digestion process, while prebiotics is not altered or affected by it. Probiotics are key, but they won’t work without prebiotics. 

What Are Prebiotics Benefits?

Since prebiotics feeds the good bacteria in your system, getting more of them helps you collect all the benefits of a balanced gut. Good gut health helps with nutrient absorption, immunity, and fat metabolism — plus, it just makes you feel better (and more regular).

Natural Prebiotic Sources

Since prebiotics plays a big role in your digestion and overall gut health, consuming an adequate amount of them in your diet is key. The following foods are naturally rich sources of prebiotics:




-Asparagus and radishes (Ideal for those on Keto)

Disclaimer: If you are unable to consume any of those natural choices, you can find them present in the shape of powder supplementation or pill intake, however, we always encourage you to get them from natural sources. 

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