Sometimes, making healthy choices is easy—it doesn’t sound so terrible to take more baths, sleeping more hours, or go on more vacations in the name of wellness, right? But in other cases, like cutting back on sugar, doing what’s good for you can be really tough.
Sure, you likely know by now that phasing out the sweet stuff is a good idea, but the prospect of making such a massive dietary change is enough to freak anyone out. Today, we want to share with you a couple tips that can be really helpful to cut out sugar in a smart/healthy way.

5 Tips to end up your (toxic) relationship with sugar

    1. Drink more water:  Water is key to flush out all bad toxins, make sure to drink more than 2 liters a day to reset your system.


  • Work out: Even if you feel like a whale, make the conscious decision to move, take a brisk walk, swim, or even dance energetically and you will notice the difference. Sweating also helps you detox which can be a game changer when you are cutting out sugar. Leaving this aside, working out gives you a sense of wellness that most times motivate you to eat healthier, and beat off cravings.



  • Pack on protein: Good fats and proteins are key because they help you stay full for longer periods of time. When you eat enough protein and good quality fat (like avocados, and nuts) your body will have fewer cravings as well.



  • Eat Fiber: Eating enough fiber is a game changer when it comes to detox. Fiber is responsible for cleaning out your gut, and your gut affects your emotions, weight, cravings, etc. Make an effort to eat more veggies and focus on raw ones to keep the nutrients. Find out all about the relationship between your gut and overall health here. 



  • Crush Cravings: Cutting out all sources of sweets can be a bad idea, especially if you are a declared chocoholic. So don`t torture yourself and make proper changes instead, have a bunch of cravings, eat a piece of dark (sugar-free) chocolate, eat a fruit, and if you miss sugar in your drinks change to stevia. 


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Michelle Ibarra

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