Cuz everybody poops right?
Unless you are parenting a toddler nobody talks about poop. But the reality is that it can reveal a lot about your gut, nutrition, and overall health. 
Today, we will analyze the most common poop types and what they say about your health. Ready… here we go!

Hard and Small

If your poop looks like small pellets, you are most likely dehydrated and you lack fiber intake. The reason why your stool looks like this is because it spent to much time in your gut and your gut extracted most water out.
The solution: Increasing your water and fiber intake. 

Loose Stool

If you are feeling that your stool is softening it can be pointing to a food sensitivity. We want to clarify that having a food sensitivity does not represent by any means that you are allergic, but it just points to the fact that a certain food is irritating your digestive system.
The solution: Taking probiotics and eliminating one food at a time. The top common food sensitivities include (casein)dairy, egg, and gluten. 

Smelly Stool 

If you are starting to notice that you are leaving the bathroom a little bit more smelly than you used to, the reason can be traced to two different things. Number one, you might be constipated and the stool is sticking around longer than it should, or you might have parasites. 
The solution: Include more fiber in your diet and increase your water intake. If this doesn´t help visit your family doctor.

Black Stool

Black poop can be a sign of either too much iron consumption or a bleeding gut. An explanation for the darker color is because the blood moved along with food through the digestive system, which transformed the red hue into a black one. 
The solution: If you are not taking any iron supplementation that could be causing this we highly encourage you to call your doctor.

White Stool 

If your poop is lighter than usual, your liver might be the one to blame. The reason might be traced back to your liver not producing enough bile which is the substance in charge of making poop dark. Additionally, this would imply that your body is not detoxifying well. 
The solution: Drink dandelion tea to improve liver function. If after a few days you dont notice any improvement, visit your doctor. 

Yellow Stool 

If your poop is yellow and very smelly it means that it is composed mostly of fat. The reason for this can be celiac disease. 
The solution: Look for gluten-free choices when it comes to bread and pasta. 

Floating Poop 

If your poop is floating it simply means that it is gassy due to nutritional changes. Additionally, this can represent a gastrointestinal infection. In both cases, we highly recommend you to visit your family doctor to make sure everything is okay.
When it comes to monitoring your health, all efforts are worth it. Make sure to pay attention to your diet and notice changes when they come. Remember, your body deserves your best too!
When was the last time you paid attention to the toilet? 
Let us know!
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Michelle Ibarra

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